Net-Print 8.2 ReadMe

by John Moe

Net-Print allows you to highlight text (in any application) and print it or save it (and only it).

Net-Print even lets you take multiple chunks of text and print them on the same sheet of paper or save them in the same file.

Net-Print is especially useful on the Internet for those long web pages with one useful piece of information.

Net-Print can print all of the information for documenting your source(URL, title, and date).

Net-Print can now quickly print labels for Zip disks and CD's.

Net-Print can now read highlighted text to you using Apple's speech technology.

To print Zip labels or CD labels:

First, go to page setup and change the Orientation to Landscape(the sideways page). Then, just highlight the contents of the disk and pick Print Zip label from the Net-Print menu. It will print the Name, space available, and the contents of the disk. Cut just inside of the lines and it will fit perfectly in a zip holder.

Net-Print mini-FAQ:

Q1. Can you make it print or save pictures, too?
A1. No. It just isn’t possible or planned.

Q2. Are you going to make a Windows version?
A2. No. I don’t believe that a Windows version of Net-Print is possible.

Q3. It messes up the format. Will you fix that?
A3. It was designed to get the words and not really care about formatting. If you want the formatting it's probably best to do a normal print.